Born out of necessity, by a team that knows how.

Want to be DNSFilter's first DevOps Engineer?

Are you a 🦄 looking for a 🚀 to take a ride on?

Excited to tackle new challenges even though you’re also a bit afraid of change?

Want to work with great people at one of the fastest growing startups in the industry?

If this is you, you might be interested in the opportunity to join DNSFilter!

💪 “Your mission, if you choose to accept it”:

1.) Manage over 100 servers around the globe – primarily running Ubuntu and CoreOS
2.) Further automate components of our infrastructure through docker, ansible, and in AWS
3.) Participate in on-call rotation (currently only 1-2 pages a month)

This might sound “corporate”.. But at DNSFilter, it is not.

We deeply believe this mission critical. We know people are our most valuable asset. They are the soul of the company and what will make us successful. They are what makes it so exciting to start each day at DNSFilter.

Learn more about DNSFilter here, and watch our Techstars demo day video here.

You can also see our full stack on StackShare.

In practice, here is the list of responsibilities:

1.) Work closely with our CTO who has developed and maintained all DevOps to this point.
2.) Perform OS/kernel upgrades on a regular cadence of Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and CoreOS virtual and dedicated instances.
3.) Maintain Production, Development, Staging, QA environments, including some Windows instances for debugging.
4.) Document DevOps processes and state – in infrastructure as code, with commits to github where possible.
5.) Assist QA and developers with automated tests and local development environment setup and maintenance through docker containers.
6.) Increase resiliency of services by developing master/slave and load balanced solutions.
7.) Further enhance monitoring of servers and services, performance of services.

This might seem like a lot of expectations for the role (or not!). But do not fear, you’ll be given time. You’ll be given the necessary support and resources to succeed. We’ve been working with the best people in the field. You’ll have access to them, and the scope of your responsibilities will advance at the pace that’s best for you. Which leads us to an important question…

🤔 Is this an opportunity for you?

We believe this opportunity is a great fit for you if:

1.) You care about people and doing the right thing – your work product is a reflection of yourself.
2.) You have a generous and always-positive personality. It makes people ask you “What did you eat for breakfast?!”.
3.) You ❤️ learning and you learn fast. You want to keep building your career and your skillset.
4.) You see new challenges as an opportunity to build new skills and have fun.
5.) You are driven and have this freaky mix of good judgement, creativity and a detail-oriented mindset. This officially makes you a creature of legends. 🐉

We’re looking for candidates with:

1.) 3+ Years of DevOps or Linux server administration experience
2.) 1+ Years of Experience with Docker Containers
3.) 3+ Years of Experience with Linux
4.) 1+ Years of Experience with Ansible

You’ll set yourself apart from other candidates if you have:

1.) Experience and Ubuntu and CoreOS
2.) Familiarity with any of our project languages, in order of importance: Node/React, Ruby on Rails, golang, Python, PHP, c#, Java, Elixir
3.) Experience with AWS (currently using) or GCE (Will be experimenting with)
4.) Experience setting up and maintaining VMs in linux
5.) Ability to do some light ‘glue’ coding in Bash
6.) A demonstrated level of comfort with command line tools like grep, sed, awk
7.) Experience and knowledge with DNS. Not scared of tools like dig, nslookup. Can explain how DNS works.
8.) Networking experience – Firewalls, traceroute, mtr, as well as: We own our own IP Space, ASN, do BGP announcing of our anycast network, need to tweak BGP Community strings
9.) Experience with SQL – specifically PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB or other time series databases in general.
10.) Demonstrated comfort with Virtual and Dedicated hosting outside AWS (which is where most of our infrastructure lives)

🎁 What do we have to offer?

1.) We’re a fast paced, innovative team focused on personal and professional growth. We’re extremely transparent and listen to employees and customers alike – it’s a great place to work!
2.) You’ll report directly to the CTO. You’ll be able to expand your responsibilities as you grow. You’re not boxed into a job description. DNSFilter is a Techstars company – this means you’ll have the opportunity to learn alongside us from some of the best mentors and startups in the world.
3.) We’ve been increasing ARR by 20% every month.
4.) We’re fully funded and on track to keep growing.
5.) We’re a remote-first company – We hire anywhere within 6 hour time zone of EST, but you can also join us in downtown D.C. at our cool 🏢 with a roof deck, ping pong tables, putting greens and ☕ and 🍺 on tap!
6.) Our service practically sells and speaks for itself!
7.) This is a mid-level position with a budget of $60k USD per year, depending on experience, with 10 paid holidays and 10 paid vacation days.

Want to learn more about this opportunity and see if there is a good fit?

Please Apply Here!

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